Coming soon … A story about atrocious customer service,  harassment of loyalty club members, corporate greed, and general incompetence.

More interestingly, we’ll be covering issues about the routine abuse of the public by trying to bully them into paying ridiculously punitive parking fines on dubious grounds.

We’ll look at the behaviour of ParkingEye, the private parking company employed  by the Holiday Inn.  ParkingEye is a company so broken that it presents this recent statement by His Honour Judge Moloney QC  as a vindication:

“There is a real prospect that a higher court might conclude that this was an unenforceable penalty and/or unfair contract terms”

Holiday Inn Express Stoke, operated by Somerston Hotels, claims to employ ParkingEye simply to keep space in their free car park for customers. But, rather than do the obvious thing and install a barrier, they have contracted out car park ‘management’ to ParkingEye. This is a company that can only earn revenue by penalising motorists for breaking its own made-up ‘rules’. Who would ever guess the consequences of such an arrangement? Surely not a culture of obfuscation, persecution,  and corporate bullying of motorists? Well … yes, actually.

We’ll explore the relationship between Holiday Inn and ParkingEye, and why outsourcing in this way to a private parking ‘enforcement’ outfit  inevitably and predictably puts greed ahead of customer service and reputation.

Once my court case against ParkingEye is out of the way, I’ll be updating this website with much more information on the shady practices, contradictions, scams, incompetence, and bullying from these corporates. But in the meantime, I’ll be adding information and resources to help you fight back if you’re unlucky enough to bump into these unsavoury characters.